Eight Puppy Mill Chihuahuas Rescued

Say hello to 8 darling little faces who are getting ready to start a new chapter in their lives! No more litters, itchy skin, or rotting teeth. No information currently available on these little ones until they have been fully vetted and been out in a foster home. They are going to need some time! Some may be facing leg surgeries.

If you would like to help with the cost of improving the lives of these precious babies, you can use the PayPal button below, mail a check to our P.O. Box, or make your donation in person at one of our upcoming events.

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Fern (female)
Ivy (female)
Morsel (male) Pecan (female)
Me-2 (female)
Teaki (female)
Spruce (male)
Brickley (female)
(adopting pending)

8/12/17: Fern (left) is one of the eight Chihuahuas we brought in yesterday. She is settling into her foster home and is just a doll. She will be spayed and have a dental next week and she is about eight years old and 4 ½ pounds.

8/26/17: Teaki and Morsel (right) attended their first adoption event on 8/26 at PetSmart.

8/28/17: Brickley was the most scared and the youngest but she is coming around nicely in her foster home! She is learning about toys and playing outside.

8/28/17: Pecan has been adopted.

8/28/17: Fern has been adopted.

8/28/17: Me-2 is having double knee surgery on Sept 11.


8/28/17: Spruce (left) and Ivy (right) have been altered, received dentals and treated for skin infections. They are settling in great to their foster homes and are ready to start looking for their forever homes.

8/28/17: Teakie and Morsel went to the vet this morning and they will both be having double knee surgery in the coming couple weeks. Your support makes it possible for us to take care of dogs who need so much more vet care than adoption fees cover. Both of these little ones are sweet, sweet girls who deserve four stable legs to stand on!

09/03/17: Morsel (left), your forever home is out there somewhere. We'll find it for you. And then you'll make someone a wonderful companion!

Morsel is a female chihuahua, brown and tan just over 4 lb and is 8 years old. She gets along great with all the other little dogs in her foster home, she's not real keen on the cats that live there though.

In a couple of weeks she'll go in and have double knee surgery and after she's recovered she'll be available for adoption. Morsel's adoption fee is $175.

09/02/17: Teaki and Morsel got to enjoy a giant bully stick that was big enough for the two of them. Teaki, the little tan and white girl on the left, already has a home but Morsel is waiting for her forever home after she has double knee surgery in a couple of weeks.


9/14/17: Spruce is available for adoption. He is a laid-back gentleman looking for a family with an easy-going lifestyle. Click here for more info and pics.


9/17/17: Brickley is now available for adoption. She loves sunbathing on warm days and would like a fenced yard. Click here for more info and pics.


10/11/17: Me-2 is available for adoption. Her double knee surgery went well and she can now walk and run like a normal dog! Click here for more info and pics.


10/18/17: Ivy is available for adoption. Her double knee surgery for luxating patellas went very well. Click here for more info and pics.

9/15/17: Teaki has been adopted and will recover from surgery in her new home.

11/2/17: Me-2 has been adopted.

11/6/17: Brickley is on a home visit and will be adopted soon.