Abby Gayle is a sweet, playful and very active female possible Cavalier/Poodle mix, who at last weigh-in was 6.9 pounds. Because she is less than 5 months old though, she will get a little bigger.

When not racing in the house or around the fenced yard, Abby Gayle enjoys playing with toys and her humans. Nylabones and chew toys are essential for a puppy her age. Abby is doing well with her house training, but since she is a puppy she needs to go out a lot. She usually lets us know it’s time by tapping on the front door. She is also crate-trained, but it‘s not recommended that a puppy her age be left in a crate for more than a couple hours at a time. Because of that, it’d be best if someone in Abby’s forever family was home with her at least part of the day.

Because of how Abby loves to run, and needs to go out a lot for her potty business, a secure fenced yard is required. Since she can be a bit vocal an apartment would not work well for her. Abby is not the best travel buddy. The few times she’s been in a moving vehicle, she’s gotten sick. This anxiety may lessen with time, but it’s something we can’t know now. Abby did not do so well when going to the vet for vaccines and exam. Abby will need some continued work on that as she would not let the vet examine her without being just a tiny bit sedated. Otherwise Abby is a happy go lucky girl but something about the vet clinic really set her off.

Abby would do best in an adult only home or one with children 12 or older. Abby can be shy with strangers and needs a little while to warm up. She could greatly benefit from attending puppy training classes. It’d also be great if she had a fur buddy her who still likes to play. This would help her burn up some of the crazy energy she has. Abby does well with older dogs too if they are not too anxious and don’t mind her aggravating them a bit to try and get them to play. Abby Gayle is up-to-date on all her shots, current on heartworm/ flea protection, and scheduled to be spayed and chipped on 3/20. Her adoption fee is $175.