Bacardi must have:
- Adult home or one with children over 12 years old
- People steady on their feet as she is tiny and can get underfoot
- Patient adopter who will give her a few days to settle in
- If there any dogs in the home, they are calm and gentle

Hello! My name is Bacardi. I am a beautiful tan-and-white, 4-pound, female Chihuahua. I am 8 years old and in good health. I have a little reverse sneeze that causes me no problems at all. I am the happiest little girl you will ever meet!!!! I am so looking forward to finding my forever home. My foster mom just loves me to death, she says I am so very smart and I try to please so much. I will cuddle with you for as long as you would like. I like nothing better than snuggling up tightly with my person on the sofa with my soft blanket wrapped all around me. I love to be carried around but also love to go outside and sniff around the yard too! I really like sitting in the sun and soaking up the warm air!

I am current on all my shots and flea and heartworm preventatives. I have been spayed, had a dental and microchipped. I am super friendly with people, I would be so happy being carried around in your doggie bag when we go to places that dogs are allowed. I also walk on leash, but I don’t go very fast because my steps are so small. I am constantly wagging my tail and I get along just fine with other small dogs. I like big dogs too but a really rambunctious young dog would not be a good fit for me, because I’m so small I could get hurt. I cannot negotiate large steps very well, again because of my size. I am all about my person! I come running with the biggest smile on my face when my foster mom calls my name. When she tells me it’s time to eat I run and jump in my crate where I eat and spin in little circles until she gets there. I am very petite so would be best suited for a forever home that did not have young children.

At first I can be a little timid until I get to know you, but I warm up quickly. I eat dry kibble with my wet food, mixed together, twice a day. My house training skills are good (keep in mind all pups can have an occasional accident!) and when my foster mom goes to work she leaves me in an X-pen and I am very happy there. I do bark when she first leaves the house, but I am saying good bye until later!!! I sleep all night in my dog bed in a crate beside my foster mom’s bed with no issues at all. But just let me say, if you were to want me to sleep in bed with you I could definitely do that!!! If you would like a very loving, affectionate little girl in your life please give me a forever home, I will always be your very best friend! My adoption fee is $175.

Hugs and Love,