Banjo's requirements:
- Adult home or one with children over 12
- Someone home during the day for continued work on housetraining
- No apartments as I can be vocal especially when playing

My name is Banjo and I am a 4-year-old, 7.5-pound, black and tan handsome, loving, cuddly male Chihuahua mix. I found myself at the shelter and they contacted SBRET to find me a wonderful forever home. I’m a little shy and sometimes bark at new people – if they offer me a treat and pet me I get used to them pretty quickly. I get along with the other dogs and cats in my foster home and we wrestle and chase each other. I don’t usually play with toys but I’m starting to show some interest in them. I really like a lot of affection, cuddling and belly rubs from my human. I walk well on a leash but like most small dogs I’m not a fan of the wet or cold weather. When the weather warms I would be happy to go on walks with you. My foster mom has it figured out on cold or rainy days – she carries me a good distance from the house and I walk back on my way doing my business outside. I do well in a fenced yard. I will use a pee pad on occasion but my aim is not all that good - so outside to potty is best for me. I’m doing really well with my housetraining and have been getting better everyday as long as I’m taken out every few hours – also a good reason to have someone home part of the day to help me continue to improve my potty skills.

I sleep quietly at night and I burrow under the blankets. During the day I’m only good with the crate for short periods of time - I get upset and make my nose sore rubbing it on the door trying to get out so someone would need to be home a good part of the day. My foster mom has tried to gate me and I climb out, she has also tried an indoor expen and I can jump out of that also. Maybe a taller gate or expen would work for me.

I ride well crated in the car until we stop moving then I let you know I want out -I will bark a little and then calm down once we start moving again. I can be a little vocal at times so I would not be well suited for an apartment or condo. I don’t like loud noises and would probably do best in an adult home or one with children at least 12 years of age.

I am neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on my vaccines, flea, and heartworm prevention. If it sounds like we would be great together contact my friends at SBRET.COM and ask for Banjo- get your application approved and we can meet. My adoption fee is $175. I’ll be waiting for a belly rub.