Meet Bella, a sweet 10½-year-old, 10.5 pound female Chihuahua! Bella was surrendered to rescue because her owners were entering a nursing home.

Bella likes everyone she meets, although she does pick favorites. In her foster house, she prefers the boys to the girls, but it might be because the boys have more time to cuddle with her on the couch! She isn’t a big fan of the other dogs in her foster house, so she avoids interacting with them, but doesn’t cause any problems with them. She would be fine in a house with other older, calm dogs or as an only dog. She pays zero attention to the dog-savvy cat that lives in her foster home. A house with older children would be fine. She worries a lot about getting stepped on, so fast moving kids would probably not be her preference. Her favorite activity is to follow her person around and hang out on the couch with them.

Bella is potty-trained as long as she is taken outside in a reasonable time frame. She does her business every time she’s in the fenced yard without a problem. She is not great on a leash, so a fenced in yard is preferred. She rides fine in a car in a dog bed. Bella has had surgery on both of her knees in the past and she is overweight, so long walks may aggravate her knee issues and are not recommended. She takes a joint supplement to help her knees. She can swim for exercise. She can get up the stairs like a champ in her foster house and she is starting to go down them well, but she needs to be supervised on the way down for safety. Her little legs seem to be getting stronger. She has been losing weight in her foster house, but it is very important that she loses a couple more pounds. Her quality of life is not where it could be due to the extra weight. She became accustomed to eating chicken, steak, and other human table scraps in her former home. It took a lot of coercing to get her to eat dog food in her foster house, thankfully she will even eat dry kibble mixed with wet food! It is imperative that she not be fed human food or table scraps in her forever home. She also has a heart murmur and a slightly enlarged heart that requires a daily medication. This medication is relatively inexpensive.

Bella is not a fan of being in a crate. She throws a big fit that keeps the whole house awake, so she has been sleeping in a bed with the teenage boy that lives in her foster house. She does not like when all the humans leave the house and will bark for a while, so her perfect home would have people home more than they are away. She also will whine and howl a bit if her favorite person, her foster dad, leaves her alone with the foster mom, but this has improved a lot with time. An apartment or condo would probably not be a good idea because of the barking/whining.

Bella is spayed, microchipped, current on vaccinations, and has had a dental. Her adoption fee is $100. If you are interested in a cute, friendly, and loyal companion, fill out an application for Bella today!