Hello, Bella here. I am 9 months old, weigh 7.7 pounds and I am a female Long-Haired Chihuahua mix. I cannot tell you much about my background. I was passed around between several different families before I ended up with Small Breed Rescue which was the best thing that ever happened to me. I am doing really well on my potty training although you can still expect an occasional accident (I am young you know). I started off sleeping quietly in my crate in my foster home but for some reason my foster mom decided to let me sleep with her and I love it. I snuggle down under the covers after I shower her with kisses to show my affection, and then she rarely hears a peep out of me all night. I don’t mind the car and I ride well. Also, you probably cannot tell from the pictures but I have these unique green/hazel colored eyes which just add to my attractiveness. I have a large breed foster sister who is young like me and we play together all of the time. My other foster siblings are old and grumpy and do not care much for a young thing like me nor do they understand my attempts at play. I love to play with squeak toys.

Since I am still just a pup I will need supervision and appropriate things to chew on as my foster mom discovered when her latest edition of “Southern Living” magazine was on a low shelf and I thought that might be fun to shred! Overall I think she handled the loss pretty well. I would do well with an adult home or one with children 12 years and older. I am spayed, microchipped and up to date on everything. Keep me in mind; I would make an excellent companion. That is Bella: B E L L A! My adoption fee is $175.