Hello, Berry, here. I am a little girl, 2 years old, and 12.5 pounds of probably Chihuahua/Dashchund mix. I was lost in the wilderness (also known as a shelter) with 5 brand new puppies and luckily found my way to Small Breed Rescue. My puppies are weaned now and looking for homes of their own so it is time for me to search for a loving home too. My foster mom says I am a love bug and just the greatest foster ever. (Did I say she likes to brag on me?) I have a fenced yard at my foster home and I do well at going outside to potty. If for some reason I cannot go out, I will use pee pads and I already knew how to do that when I got here. I will also potty when walking on a leash.

I like to get in the car and go, and if the car door is open I will jump right in, but I also tend to want to help you drive so it would be best to contain me in some way. Foster mom describes me as a "door squirter", which means you need to keep a close eye on me around any open doors. I will squirt right out and be on my merry way. So children in the home should be over 8 years old. I was flea infested when I first arrived at my foster home and had a lot of skin irritation and some hair loss. That has been treated and I am much better now. People comment on how soft my fur is. I am spayed and microchipped, heartworm-free and up to date on all my vaccinations. Now honestly, after reading this, aren't you just dying to meet me?? My adoption fee is $175.