Pool Party for Puppies

SBRET is honored to have met three wonderful young ladies who decided that rather than receive gifts for themselves for their birthday that they would ask their friends to make a donation to our rescue group. And boy did they come through! Thank you to Blair, Brooke and Katy and to all of their friends whose generosity will help make it possible for us to continue helping homeless and displaced small dogs. A big thank you too for helping us to socialize Maddie's puppies by spending time with them!

The girls first became interested in helping SBRET when Louise invited them over to puppy sit. They have seen many of the other foster dogs that Louise has had and came up with the idea of being able to help with fundraising by asking their friends to donate to SBRET instead of receiving gifts for themselves. The girls sent out invitations for their "Puppy Pool Party" and included with the invitation was a brochure (thank you Linda Ray) explaining SBRET's mission and focus. The party was held at Oak Ridge Civic Center, and volunteers (Candy, Louise, and Karen) from SBRET attended and brought Doggie Bags for the girls and Murphy as an SBRET foster representative. He did great and loved all the attention. The party was a great success not only from the donations but also from the awareness that was raised about rescue dogs and puppy mills.

We want to thank the following people that donated money or items (dog beds, treats and a Cobra GPS) to SBRET in honor of Katy's, Brooke's, and Blair's Birthdays:    Blair and Brooke Rhodes, Katy Hill, Austin Rhodes, Jake and Chelsea Fielder, Carter Chain, Emily Davis, Karley Olen, Lindsey Owen, Alex Creel, Tori Ethridge, Hayley Porter, Matthew and Ryan McCowen, Samantha Boiling, Austin Manhardt, Victoria Howard, and Doug Rhodes

Blair, Brooke and Katy at the party

Party Favors

Birthday Party check presented to
Louise and Tyrine at Agrifeed 1/5/08

Blair and Brooke were also great puppy
sitters with Maddie's puppies in November 2007