Brandy's requirements:
- Patient adult home with shy dog experience
- Someone with daytime flexibility
- Fenced yard
- A small dog buddy

Hi there! My name is Brandy. I’m a female 5.3-pound Chihuahua Mix and I am about 10 years old but very spry! I am a super shy little lady but am sweet as can be and super cute. It takes me a very long time to build any trust so I’m going to need a super patient and gentle human being. I have been in foster care for a couple months working on my confidence. I am not a good dog for a first time dog owner and I need someone with some shy dog experience. If you come at me too quickly, it sometimes makes me squeal. I may never run and jump into your arms but if you pick me up gently, I will sit with you for a while. I really like lying on my own pillow on the sofa though. I move when you move and lie down on my pillow when you aren’t moving. I get my courage from the other dogs in my foster house so I will do best in a home where there is at least one other dog to set a good example of social behavior. I will walk on a leash begrudgingly when we’re walking away from home but walk really well on leash when we turn back towards home. Again, I do better with this when there are other dogs with me. I do well in a fenced yard too. I’m not super outdoorsy, I tend to do my business and then head back to the door unless you’re hanging outside too. I will join in with the dog pack; if they’re running, I’m running, if they’re barking, I’m barking. My foster parents have a kitty and I pay him no attention unless I’m on my pillow and he jumps up near it, then I have to run him off, of course. I will guard what is mine. I sleep on my pillow in the living room with the other dogs because I don’t like a crate at all. I get overwhelmed with anxiety and literally make myself sick when I’m in a crate. I don’t tear anything up, so there’s no need for me to be in a crate anyway.

Every morning when the humans get up, all my foster siblings get really excited, which makes me excited and then I tinkle before they make it downstairs to let us out. Since I always do it in the same spot, my foster parents put a pee pad in that spot and I use it every time. This also happens whenever they come home from being gone for a longer period. I may or may not do this in my forever home because I think it depends on how big of a doggie fracas occurs when the humans arrive and how full my bladder is. I don’t have this issue if you’re only leaving for a few hours. I do well with house training as long as I am taken out on a schedule.

I am spayed, microchipped, had a dental and up to date on all my shots as well as flea and heartworm preventives. The sooner I find my forever home, the sooner I can start building trust and settle in my new life. Do you have the patient and gentle heart to give me the life I deserve? My adoption fee is $100.