Hi! My name is Bravo. I am an 11-week old (as of 2/1/19), 6½ male Beagle/Dachshund/Chihuahua mix. My mom was pregnant in the shelter so the great folks at SBRET brought her into their foster-based rescue so that we would never know the stress of shelter life. I was born on 11/13/18. I am a very happy, bouncy little guy. I love running and playing with other dogs and chasing balls. I really love my chew toys and playing tug. I am a puppy so I need plenty of appropriate things to chew on. My foster mom says I am more vocal than most, she says that’s just how I express my feelings because I am an emotional and sensitive dude. There is one MUST HAVE for me. I have to have at least one other dog in the house because I do not do well without a buddy, male or female. I tried being the only dog once and I insisted I go back where there were other dogs.

Because I have the Beagle trait of running with my nose to the ground and following it wherever it goes, I will do best with a fenced backyard. I also would like a backyard to go to the bathroom because I don’t really like pee pads. I use my pee pads in my indoor ex-pen when I’m in it but I don’t like to use them when I’m out and about in the house, so there are accidents. I’m really good about going to the bathroom outside if you take me out regularly though. I sleep well in an ex-pen at night as long as there’s another dog in the room that I can hear. I should probably not be in a house with a cat because I don’t get the cues that hissing and being slapped by the kitty means leave the kitty alone - I think it means they just need to be chased. My foster mom’s kitty is REALLY tolerant of this misunderstanding but my foster mom says most cats aren’t so tolerant. I will need my person to be home part of the day to help me with my potty training. Since I am so small, I will do best in a home with older children. I am neutered and microchipped and have the shots I can have for my age, so I will still need a few more. My adoption fee is $175. I can’t wait to find my furever family!