Carlos' Requirements: Hi, meet Carlos. Carlos is a 9 to 10 year-old male Chihuahua mix, and weighs a little over 5 pounds. He came into SBRET in 2019 and was adopted, and has now come back to SBRET due to his adopter's health problems. He is an adorable, lovable little guy!

Life is never dull when Carlos is around. He is very active but not really destructive. He occasionally does tear up pieces of paper, and he collects small items and stores them in his little bed.

He is housetrained but hates going out in the rain and may not always go outside if it is raining. He will sometimes use a pee pad if it is raining but not 100% of the time. He occasionally still marks, so a belly band would be best when he first moves to a new home. When he wants to go out, he will look at you and whine. He understands the word "outside" and will bark exuberantly if you ask him if he wants to go outside. He needs a harness for walks.

Carlos is missing almost all of his front teeth but still has his molars. However, he can still eat small kibble without any problem. His favorite treat is Cheerios, but he loves almost all food.

He does not like being in a crate, but a crate does not scare him. He can be crated just fine if needed while you are gone. He is accustomed to sleeping in bed with his owner, and he sleeps well all night.

Carlos is lively and intelligent and is loving when he slows down. He is also quite determined and will try different ways to accomplish a task if his first attempt fails. He loves to wrap himself in a fleece blanket and will also sometimes crawl inside a pillowcase with a pillow (see picture below). He likes to be petted in short sessions and likes to lie down beside you for naps.

Carlos is friendly with family members but sees visitors as invaders. He is friendly with other small dogs and likes to curl up with them but does not really play with them. He is afraid of big dogs. He has not been around cats. He barks at unusual sounds and strangers (human and animal) who invade his territory, so he would not be suited to life in an apartment or condo.

Carlos has been neutered. He is on flea and heartworm preventatives, is up-to-date on his vaccines, and does not have any known health problems. His adoption fee is $100.