Checkers' requirements:
- Active adult home or one with children over 12
- Day time flexibility to continue reinforcing my potty training
- Fenced yard

Hi! I am cute male 6.5-pound, about 3 years old Checkers. My foster mom says I am a lot of Chihuahua with a little Terrier thrown into my breed mix. Don’t you just love the spots on my legs? My ears are sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes straight out to the side. Now, on to the important stuff. I am a pretty laid back little guy who likes to be wherever you are. I seek attention and love to get up on the couch with you to keep you company while you watch TV or read a book. I would love several things in my forever home: a toy basket with lots of toys, squeaky toys are a favorite; I want you to throw toys for me to fetch or play pull-toy with me; I’d love a fenced back yard as I really do love to wander around and explore - I’ve chased several rabbits out of my current yard (I do want you to be outside with me); I’d love to have other nice dogs in my new family; I look forward to having a dog treat at night before bedtime and run to the “cookie jar” right after my last outdoor night outing. I sleep very contentedly at night in a crate with a cushy bed. I am pretty well potty trained because my mom does let me go outside a lot during the day. When I first got to my foster home I wanted to “mark" on lots of things - this is often an issue with un-neutered males. My mom said she thought I marked every blade of grass outside. I have since been neutered so this behavior will be much improved plus, once I marked my territory, I don’t need to do it again. I do have the Chihuahua greeting bark when someone comes to the door but I am friendly with people once I get to know them. I will probably be shy at first so you have to give me time to adjust. Because I am so small, calm kids older than 12 would be OK. My foster mom has grand kids who know just how to interact with little dogs - they sit on the floor or a chair and let me go to them. I am good in a car. I am up to date on all my shots; I am on heartworm and flea preventative; I have been neutered and micro chipped. My adoption fee is $175.