Chico's needs: Hi! They call me Chico, I am a male Long-Haired Chihuahua, estimated to be 10 years old. At my last weigh-in, I was 9.6 pounds. I’m a laid back little guy who loves attention. Though I will sometimes play with toys, or for a short time wrestle with another dog my size and temperament, I’m very much a lap dog. I love to sit or lie in a chair next to my people as we watch TV or get an afternoon nap.

My original family moved away and chose not to take me. Sadly, I was left to survive on my own in their previous home. When discovered, the owner of that house couldn’t keep me so SBRET was called. Thankfully, my foster parents agreed to take me. By this time, my hair was matted and one of my nails curled into a paw, causing an infection. SBRET’s vet gave me meds and discovered that I had a grade 3 heart murmur too. I have no symptoms, so meds are not needed at this time. A follow-up on this condition should be done with your vet though. A growth on my abdomen and gums was also seen but both were removed when my dental was done, and thankfully they were benign. Eight teeth were also extracted. I am feeling much better since first joining my foster family five weeks ago and I’m eating better too, though I only eat canned food. Once my belly stitches are removed on the 23rd of July, I’m excited to say that I’ll be looking for my forever family.

My foster parents take me out to potty when first getting up, after meals, and when seeing me on the move after a drink or nap. I occasionally still have accidents though. Early on I marked some at my foster home and I might do that with a new family too, so wearing a belly band during the day might be good for me to do initially. Though I love running around in a secure fenced yard, I do well at pottying on a leash so a fence is not required. Maybe because of my age or the heart murmur, I wear out quickly from walking so I’m not a good choice for a hiking buddy. If taken out to potty before you go to bed, I sleep all night in a crate, but I’d love to snuggle with you in the big bed. I do well in a car so I would make someone a great travel buddy.

I need an adult home or one with children over 8 who have a good understanding of how to handle dogs. I’d be OK as an only dog, but a fur brother or sister who is not too active or in your face would be fine too. I sometimes play with other dogs and toys, but I don’t play hard and I only play in short bursts. I don’t think I’d do well with cats, or in an apartment or condo, because I love to chase and bark at other critters.

I’ve had a dental, neuter, chip, and I’m current on vaccines as well as heartworm and flea prevention. If you are looking for a handsome boy who loves to cuddle, contact SBRET and ask for Chico. My adoption fee is $100.