My name is Chubby Checkers! You might think that’s mean but I’m a little chubby and my foster mom happens to like Chubby Checkers! I am a male Chihuahua mix of some sort who weighs 16 pounds and probably needs to weigh 11 pounds! I think my age is anywhere between 6 or 7 years old.

I’m a sweet and happy guy that walks great on a leash so I would love to either go for a walk around the block, in the park or on a hike with you. I could head to the hardware store and help you shop or learn something fun like rally or dog agility! My foster mom has a little course set up because she’s taking her own personal dog to agility and wondered if I would be any good at it. And guess what? I happen to really like it a lot! I’m very smart so I learned pretty quickly about jumping over the hurdle (see my photo below). I already know how to sit so I sit on the table; it’s an agility table so don’t worry it’s not the dining room table! And I’ll go through the tunnel! If you’re curious about agility just Google it and watch a YouTube video! It’s tons of fun for both the dog and handler! And it would be a great way for me to lose weight!

So a little bit more about myself - I was picked up as a stray by animal control and no one came to claim me. Their loss, because I’m an awesome little guy! As I said I’m very happy and I’m very friendly! My tail rarely stops wagging!!! There are three dog-savvy cats in my foster home and they don’t bother me one bit. I live with four other dogs all smaller than me and they don’t bother me one bit either! I haven’t done anything about the toys laying around my foster home but who needs toys when I have you! When I first came to my foster home, my foster mom put a belly band on me - it’s a strip of fabric held on by Velcro around my private part so that I can’t mark in the house. I tried to mark a couple of times and she corrected me pretty quick and I got the message! After a few more days she saw my belly band was dry so I don’t have to wear it anymore! I’m happy to go outside and go potty. I’m learning to eat this kibble stuff and that’s actually good but I wasn’t too crazy about it when I first came to my foster home. My foster mom thinks that I was probably given scraps off the table and that’s why I got so fat. Table scraps are not good for a dog and can cause health problems. So whoever wants to adopt me has to promise they will help me lose the weight I need to lose. My foster mom’s pretty sure I’ve got Chihuahua in me because when I lay on the sofa I am almost always under a blanket! My foster mom has me sleep in a crate at night and I don’t mind going in there one bit. But when I get to my new home I’m going to ask very politely if I can sleep on the big bed. I would make a really good watch dog because I alert her anytime I think there might be a burglar outside! So I probably wouldn’t be the best apartment dog because they may not appreciate me sounding my alarm!

So if you’re interested in an adorable, friendly, and happy new guy in your life, let my SBRET friends know. I am up-to-date with my vaccinations, I’ve had a dental, am neutered, and I’ve been microchipped. I am heartworm negative and I need somebody who’s going to keep me up-to-date on my vaccinations, on monthly heartworm prevention and help me get my weight down. Is that you?? My adoption fee is $175. Love Chubs❤️