First of all – spoiler alert! Cosmo is not for everyone! You MUST read his entire bio to find out why.

Cosmo's Requirements:
- Experienced dog owner who understands fearful and downright scared little dogs that could nip if pushed too hard and fast.
- Absolutely no kids
- Another small dog companion who can show him the ropes and who likes to play
- Secure fenced yard
- A quiet home

Cosmo is a 2-year-old shy, timid, fearful, male Long-Haired Chihuahua. His coloring is beautiful, and he weighs about 8 pounds. Now for the whole story:

Cosmo lost his family and found himself alone in an apartment, terrified of everything; but fortunately, he found his way to rescue to save his life and give him a second chance. He was never well-socialized in his previous home. Cosmo absolutely needs an experienced owner to provide a forever commitment to continue his journey to feel safe and to give him the love he craves.

The first week in his foster home was very hard for Cosmo and he was terrified. His foster mom had to go very slowly and give him time to decompress. This will also be required in his forever home. You cannot move fast with Cosmo. We will be happy to discuss a plan for incorporating Cosmo into your home.

Fast forward to 4 weeks later, Cosmo is still touchy if I surprise him by touching him when he isn’t aware. He will let me pick him up if he is near his safe place (his pen) but will rarely let me pick him up elsewhere in the house or yard. That might get better with time. Sometimes Cosmo will sit near me and sometimes will get in my lap. He will now let me comb him and seems to enjoy it, where the first week I couldn’t touch him with the comb. He still gets scared if he hears a loud noise and he sometimes gets under my feet and scares himself scrambling out of the way.

Cosmo goes outside with the rest of the dogs to do his business and he will also use pee pads. My personal dogs really helped him learn to go outside to potty and he saw that they got good attention from me. He sleeps in a crate at night without a peep. He can be a lap guarder with me when the other dogs come near but responds to correction.

Cosmo needs a little dog buddy that is playful and near his size to help him learn the routine of the house and he would love a playmate. He will also play with toys and me. There are also dog-savvy cats in my home and he wants to play with them, but they scare him just a little bit.

Cosmo must have a secure fenced yard. He loves going outside to sniff around and is great about coming when called. He goes to his crate at night if he gets a little treat tossed in first. He has also slept in my bed after he first started venturing out of his pen. I felt it helped him bond with a human in a safe and calm way.

Cosmo is ready for his next adventure to live in a safe and loving home. He will most likely regress at first, but I feel with time and patience and not pushing him too fast he will be a wonderful companion. His ideal home would be quiet with few to occasional visitors.

Cosmo is up to date with his vaccinations and heartworm prevention. He is neutered and microchipped.

If you are an experienced person with shy dogs with no children and a quiet home and would like to discuss Cosmo, please send us an email and complete an online application and we will be happy to discuss further this wonderful little guy. His adoption fee is $175.