Hi, my name is Cyndi. I am a 7-pound female apricot Poodle. I'm not exactly sure how old I am, but my foster mom and the veterinarians guess between 8-10 years old. I haven't always had it easy. My first mom didn't know I needed to be spayed, and after years of heat cycles I developed mammary tumors. When I came into Small Breed Rescue, I was spayed, had those tumors removed and had my teeth cleaned. I was really worried about those tumors but the lab looked at them and saw no cancer. Whew! I feel so much better! I also came with some pretty bad skin infections that cleared up after a couple of months of medications, lots of shampoos and some great food. There is a cataract in my left eye - I can still see through it some but my right eye is great.

My foster mom calls me a Velcro dog. I don't really know what that means but I LOVE to be with her. I am so happy to sit with her while she reads or watches TV. I can't let her sleep without me, I lay right next to her and keep her warm. I really did not like to be groomed at first. My skin was really sore and I didn't like to be handled especially my front legs. By the time I got groomed the second time, I was a much better girl. I just didn't really understand how pretty I could be with a great haircut.

I use pee pads most of the time and do a pretty good job with them. I love to play outside in the fenced yard. Car rides are no problem for me. I sit for a while then lie down and sleep when I get tired. I will bark a little when I am excited - I can't help it! I don't mind a crate too much but I don't really need one. Fetch is my favorite game. It is so much fun for you to throw a toy and for me to bring it to you. I get along ok with the other dogs in my foster home.

I know someone out there needs a blonde bombshell Poodle. I am funny, sweet, playful and extremely smart. Oh, and pretty too! I have been spayed, microchipped, and up-to-date with all vaccines and heartworm preventatives. Contact the nice people at Small Breed Rescue of East Tennessee and put in an application. Hurry - I know you want me to be your Velcro dog! My adoption fee is $100.