My name is Dakota. My foster mom says I could be a poster boy for "cutest mixed breed dog"! She is clueless as to what my breed lineage might be, even though I look like a tiny Golden Retriever, but she is pretty sure that is NOT what I am! The vet thinks I am a Pomeranian-Dachshund mix so let's go with that :). I am a little over 11 pounds and about 2 years old. A local shelter just knew I would be the perfect fit for SBRET and they were surely right.

Happy could be my chief personality trait. I really like people, love kissing and licking them - I seek attention. I'd love a fun dog companion, I'd love a fenced yard to explore and chase balls in, and I'd love to have a basket of toys and bones to choose from. I wouldn't even mind having some sweet kids in my new family (over 6 years old) as I've done so well with my foster mom's grandchildren who know to sit on the floor and let me crawl in their lap so I can give them kisses.

It took me several days to get the hang of my new situation at my foster home and I still have occasional house accidents, but I love going outside and it shouldn't be long before I am reliably house-trained if you do your part to help. I will need someone with some daytime flexibility to help me get my house training down just right! The only time I bark is when my foster mom gets out of my sight but I'm now trusting that she always does come back. I would not be good for an apartment or someone gone for long periods of time as I do bark a bit when you leave. I have not had a lot of experience with the leash so a fenced yard would be best right now. I do like to ride in the car!

Sweet, affectionate, and playful - I would love to be someone's best buddy. I've been neutered and am up to date on all my annual shots as well as the all important heartworm and flea preventatives. My adoption fee is $175.

Sincerely, Dakota