They call me Dayton or Mr. I Can Do It Myself Thank You Very Much! I’ll explain that in a minute. I’m about 7 years old, a male Chihuahua mix and I weigh about 12 pounds. I’m a short squat guy so I might be mixed with Dachshund. I have an awesome underbite, big funny teeth and an adorable grin! I have an issue with my back and my walking is a bit wonky and that’s why my foster mom says I’m kind of a bulldozer! Best the vets can tell from the x-rays is that I have an old injury to my back. It’s healed the way it's going to stay. I don’t care one bit about it because if I want to go somewhere, be with someone like my foster mom, I’m going to do it! No matter what! You have to admire that in a guy! I’m a very happy little man and I get along pretty well with the other dogs here. The cats? Oh the cats! I’m starting to figure out that there are cats here. They are “dog friendly” cats so they like to be on the sofa with the rest of us and I’m beginning to think that’s no place for a cat! So far I’ve been correctable but we need to keep an eye on me so I don’t start being inappropriate with the cat. Not cool dude!

Because of my back issue I would prefer a home without massive stairs. A few stairs I can manage up or down. I’m not going to be one to take for walks to go potty so a fenced yard would be nice. I’ve just been neutered and I’m learning not to mark in the house so I wear a belly band. I can’t lift my leg to go potty because of my back and I don’t give the usual signals that I need to potty, so for that reason it would be the best thing for me (and you) that I’m on a regular potty schedule. That way everybody’s happy! I’m learning to sleep quietly in my crate at night and I’m getting better at it.

I’m pretty silly and love to talk and try to tell you a story. It makes my foster mom laugh and we have a whole conversation together. I have no idea what she’s saying and she has no idea what I’m saying but we have the best time! I’m a hoot!

I’m hoping that there is someone out there that would love a little, silly, wonky boy because I’m all about being loved! If it’s you, run, don’t walk to the nearest computer and fill out an application for me and I’ll have my people give you a call!

I’m neutered and all up to date with my vaccinations, I’m on heartworm prevention and am heartworm-negative. I also have a microchip. My adoption fee is $175 and there’s no extra charge for my special charm!

Love you already, Dayton