Della is a sweet 9-year old, 70-pound female German Shepherd mix. Yes, a little big for Small Breed Rescue but we didn't know that at first. A picture of her was sent to us via Facebook one cold January night. A picture so sad that we couldn't even tell what breed or size she was.....only that she needed help immediately. We said YES bring her to us and we’ll worry about the rest later.

Della had been suffering from a severe skin and ear infection (yeast and bacterial) for YEARS without treatment. Tied to a bed, she scratched and bit her skin until there was no hair left. Her hips are malformed causing a disease called Hip Dysplasia. She bled and cried with pain if her ear was touched. It was so badly infected that it required several surgeries, finally having the ear canal removed at UT Veterinary hospital. After almost 3 months, her skin infection is healed although there will always be several bald areas but her ear issue has been resolved. She will require inexpensive daily pain medicine for her hip dysplasia and she is also on a low dose of inexpensive steroid.

Now for the good part! She is so sweet! She is her foster mom's constant companion:). Her foster mom is continually amazed at how gentle and devoted she is to her. Della LOVES car rides and chewing on bones. She is housetrained and walks well on a leash. Della does not like crates or cats and dislikes getting her feet wet:) The hip dysplasia does not prevent her from getting up from a lying position. She easily gets up on the couch - even though her foster mom would prefer she try the big soft beds she has for her! Since she has not lived in a home with other dogs, it will probably be best if she is the only dog in your home but she promised to be your best companion ever! She does fine out on a leash around other dogs at the vet’s office, going for walks etc. and is very calm.

It’s time for Della to live the kind of life she deserves….she is looking for someone who never sees the scars but a gorgeous and beautiful dog deserving of love and companionship. We will be happy to talk to anyone who is familiar with this breed. There is no adoption fee for Della - we are looking for a special home for this special girl.