***Special Needs***

Dolly must have:
- Adult home
- Someone home during the day
- Someone experienced with giving insulin injections
- Someone able to financially provide for the monthly medications (about $125) and follow up testing with vet
- No apartments

This is a special girl, ya’ll! Dolly is an 8-year-old female Poodle mix. When she came into rescue she was very overweight and had been over-indulged and under-groomed. We thought her only issues were her weight and her bad knees. In the time since, we’ve learned that this dear girl has Diabetes and Cushing’s disease. She has spent lots of time with us getting her conditions managed and stable. She has lost 6 pounds and feels so much better! She’s on a strict eating schedule that is coordinated with her insulin injections and her Cushing’s medicine which she gets twice a day. Her foster mom uses alarms to keep track of everything. Dolly does have luxating patellas but getting her excess weight off helped a lot! It was not recommended to do surgery due to her other medical conditions but keeping her at a good weight is imperative.

Dolly does well on a leash and enjoys short walks. With her weight loss, exercise like this has been allowed and lets her explore areas outside the yard. She’s not very active - she loves to rest and lie on her foster mom’s stomach when watching TV. She’s not fond of staying outside for pottying, so she’ll run out do her business and come back in. If she doesn’t do all her “business”, her foster mom will tell her to keep trying and she heads back out to the grass to finish. Dolly has had a history of UTI’s (urinary tract infections) as is typical for Diabetes and Cushing’s. It’s important to watch for signs (frequent accidents, infection smell) so she can be treated. Her foster mom has used diapers and panties with pads for these times.

Dolly does well with other dogs but doesn’t really play with them. If they don’t like her she keeps her distance.

Generally, dogs with Cushing’s and/or Diabetes will be hungry all the time. We’ve found that once they are on the correct doses of their medicine, this urge eases. With Dolly, that hasn’t happened just yet but she has recently had her Cushing’s medication dosage increased to help with that. She has to be fed away from other pets as she gobbles her food down then goes in search of more. Food or scraps can’t be left where she can get to them. Her foster mom can control this at home, but visiting other places can be problematic. Grandkids eating off a coffee table, or anywhere really, means food within reach for Dolly! Her foster mom keeps her on a leash when there are visitors at her foster home to keep her away from those situations.

Dolly hasn’t done well in a crate or indoor expen when left for periods of time. Her foster mom has been gating off a larger area in the house with pee pads for times when she has to be away from the house. Dolly can be very vocal during times like these – she doesn’t like being away from her person. So no apartments for Dolly! She will sleep in a dog bed at night, but it may be necessary to put a diaper on her in case of accidents during the night. Her foster mom allows her on the bed at night, as Dolly will wake her up if she needs to go out.

Her perfect home will be one where her new family has experience with Diabetes and giving insulin by injection, plus other medications. She has to be allowed outside to potty every few hours, so someone home most of the day would be ideal. With Dolly’s need for scheduled feedings, injections, other medications and NO SNACKS, an adult home will be best. She will require vet visits to monitor both her conditions, purchasing insulin, Cushing’s medicine and other medications as needed. Her monthly medication cost is probably about $125.

Dolly is up to date on her vaccinations, heartworm-negative and on monthly preventions With an approved application and someone with experience caring for a dog requiring extra medical care, Dolly’s fee will be waived.