Hey everyone - meet Elli! Elli is a 4½-pound, 3-year-old little Chihuahua girl. And as you can see she is absolutely adorable. She is tiny and sweet and a snuggly little thing. True to her Chihuahua roots, she wants nothing more than to be in your lap. And she wants your lap all to herself. Elli prefers to be the only animal in your house as she does not like sharing with other dogs and she is not very tolerant of cats. She's just a little lap dog and she's not sorry! She also needs to sleep in the bed with you. She will cry and whine and turn the Drama Queen up to 10, and that's a Chihuahua Drama Queen 10 (all y'all Chihuahua people know what I'm talking about) if you don't let her sleep with you. Once she is in the bed, she snuggles up next to you just as happy as she can be and sleeps all night without a peep. She tends to bond better with women and if there is a man in the house he will have to work extra hard to win her over!

Elli is a very healthy little girl which is always a plus! She has had all her shots, has been spayed, microchipped and had a light teeth cleaning. She's not a big eater, but likes her dry kibble pretty well. She will potty outside if you take her, but will use a puppy pad if you will put one down for her. This little girl is just about as perfect as they come, with a shiny black coat and big eyes that make it impossible to resist her charm! So if you are a Chihuahua person looking for a tiny, sweet little girl, you just hit the jackpot! She would like an adult home or a home where children are over 12 years old where someone is home during the day or has some daytime flexibility. Elli’s adoption fee is $175.