Puppies less than 16 weeks old cannot be placed in apartment complexes as they cannot go out in communal areas until about 10 days after their last vaccine at 16 weeks.

Emmett's Requirements:
- Active puppy-experienced adult home or children over 12
- Someone home part of the day
- No apartments
-Fenced yard
- Playful dog buddy

My name is Emmett - I’m an 11-week-old cute, adorable Black and Tan Chihuahua mix (they say some Min Pin in the mix). I weigh in at 4 pounds as of 2/04/21. It’s very important you read what my foster mom has written about me. I’m not your average puppy. Don’t let the way I look fool you - as cute as I am I am very strong-minded - I really need an active home and another playful dog in my life. I really like playing with the other dogs in my foster home - they are all bigger than me but that doesn’t matter much - sometimes I even win at tug o’ war with the bigger dogs! I have A LOT of energy – I play hard and sometimes too rough so I wouldn’t be good with children at this stage of my life. I would need someone with puppy experience to help me learn how to share and not be grumpy at times. I’m a happy playful snuggly puppy most of the time but I do have my moments when I think I’m the one in charge. If you disturb me when I’m sleeping or playing, I get grumpy if it’s not a good time for me - my foster mom has been helping me with this and I have gotten better. I like to run so a fenced yard would be great but I do very well on a leash for such a young pup - I HAVE TO BE ON A LEASH AND HARNESS WHEN NOT IN A SECURE AREA – I WILL GIVE YOU A RUN OF A LIFETIME. I’m doing really well with my potty-training and I would need someone home part of the day to help me continue – I will use pee pads if I don’t get outside in time. I sleep at night in my crate next to my foster mom’s bed (I need to know she’s close by). Most every night I wake during the night whining and my foster mom takes me out to potty and then I will sleep the rest of the night- but I am an early riser.

I am up to date for my age on my vaccines but until I’ve had the rest of my puppy shots I need to follow the guidelines that SBRET has set up for pups like me. I am neutered, microchipped and up to date on my flea and heartworm prevention. If you have the kind of home I need and some puppy experience, go to sbret.com and get your application approved – be sure to ask for Emmett and hopefully we can play Tug O’ War soon. My adoption fee is $175.