Hello my name is Fennec. My foster mom named me after the cute little fox called a Fennec, but she usually calls me Fen or Fenny. I am male, about 12 years old and weigh 6 pounds. I am a Yorkie mix and my coat is very silky and shiny although extremely sparse. My hair is growing back on my head but I’m still bald on my chest. I came in as a stray and was just about eaten alive with fleas. I had some hard times but I survived it all and found myself with my new friends at SBRET. I tell you what…I am a new man!

I had a couple of bladder stones when I first came into rescue and I’ve had them removed. The stones were calcium oxalate stones that are frequently found in Yorkies. I will have to be on a special prescription food for the rest of my life, that will help reduce the formation of stones in my bladder. Fortunately I love my new food! And since I am pretty small it is not too expensive!

I’m a sweet guy who loves nothing more than to be with my human. My new home cannot have any cats because I really don’t like them. I don’t really mind the other dogs here (HUGE and little) but I would be fine if it was just you and me. Because I’m a little old man, I’m not a good candidate if you have little kids under the age of 12. I am a barker and you would not be a fan of your neighbors if you lived in an apartment. My bladder stones gave me the urge to pee all of the time, and I still have that urge but hoping that as the irritation continues to heal that will lessen. That may get better but until it does my foster mom has me wear a belly band when I’m out and about in the house. They are easy to find on Amazon or any pet store. I love riding in the car and looking at the scenery and I’m great on a leash.

I’ve had my dental and lost 8 teeth and my foster mom crushes my kibble for me. I’ve been neutered, up-to-date with my vaccinations, heartworm-negative and microchipped. I’m all ready for my forever home and because I am a senior my adoption fee is $100.

So if you’d like a cute little "fox" as a companion, give my new friends at SBRET a holler!