Name: Fergie
Sex: Female
Age:7 years
Size: 7 pounds
Breed: Chihuahua mix
Requirements: adult home or children over 8, day time flexibility

Fergie: Hello! My name is Fergie and I am perfect! The end...
Foster Mom: LOL! Nice try, Fergie. Remember those times you pooped on the floor? That was not perfect!
Fergie: But I looked very sad after I did!
Foster Mom: Well, yes you did.... and you are very cute so I forgive you. Do you promise to never do it again?
Fergie: Nope!
Foster Mom: 🤦

Fergie is right though, she is pretty close to perfect ❤️ She was surrendered to the shelter with her brother (he's been adopted) because of house training issues. I am not sure what her owner was doing wrong but she has only had a few accidents here and knew she made a mistake when she did. She will use a puppy pad but also can confuse an area rug for a puppy pad. In her foster home she does not have access to any rugs which helps her not make mistakes. If she is let out often enough she has no accidents at all. The best thing about Fergie is that she is the happiest Chihuahua I have ever met. She loves meeting everyone. When we go for walks she likes saying Hi to new people and wants to happily greet all dogs that we pass. She is excited to start a new day and even more excited to "go beds" at the end of the day. She runs right into her crate and sleeps quietly all night. When Fergie was left at the shelter her skin was inflamed and it was very itchy. She also had ear infections. We don't know the exact cause but we suspect she has a food allergy. With great vet care and good food, her skin and ears are now healthy. She has also had a dental and is now ready to find a forever home.

Fergie is up-to-date on all of her vaccinations, spayed and heartworm-negative. If you think she would be a good fit for your family please fill out an application. Her adoption fee is $175.