Name: Fleury
Breed: Chihuahua mix
Sex: Female
Age: 6 years
Size: 12 pounds

Fleury needs: Hi, my name is Fleury, despite my grey I really am only 6 years old! I am going to let foster mom introduce me as I am really shy with new people...

Fleury is a darn near perfect little Chihuahua - probably mixed with rabbit, look at those ears! Beautiful leash manners, and will do Happy Dances when she sees the harness and leash come out. Same excitement for car rides, even hopped in the open trunk once, just to get in the car any way she could! She is great about holding her bladder and peeing outside, but occasionally she forgets to poop while she's out there, gotta make sure she's empty before coming back in! Fleury will let you know when someone has gotten home and she might give a quick word to a squirrel she's chased up a tree in the fenced yard. Not a constant bark-at-nothing type girl. Her forever family could have other dogs of any size, as long as they are not going to take offense if she grumbles a bit as she adjusts to her new home. Toys are a great way to play with her humans, but Fleury doesn't seem interested in playing with other pups, with or without toys. Cats have been ignored, so they aren't a problem at all.

Remember I did say she was "almost perfect", not actually perfect.... She will take a really long time to warm up to you, but once she does, you are her Favorite. Person. EVER! Now that she likes me, she follows me all over the house, would even love to sleep in bed with me, but will also settle in a crate within eye-sight. She sleeps there without a peep all night long. Laps aren't her thing, she just wants to be near you. Once she loves you, she will be QUITE vocal when you leave, whether left in a crate or out loose, so apartment living would not be her thing. Due to her shyness, she would be best in an adult only home or one with older kids over 12.

Likely due to her blue-ish colouring, Fleury does have alopecia, which means her fur is very thin/non-existent in some spots. Her luggage already has some jackets packed so she'll be ready for colder months.

If you have patience and are ready for this little girl to slowly warm up to you, you will have a buddy for life. While not a downtown social butterfly, she'll take you on many long walks around a quiet neighborhood. She is already spayed, up to date on vaccinations and heartworm preventative. Adoption fee is $175, applications can be found at