I am a dog rescued from a puppy mill where I received no medical care or socialization and was used for breeding purposes. Before you fall in love with my adorable face, please remember that I will have some specific needs in my forever home. I need a secure fenced yard, someone with lots of patience and time during the day to help me with my housetraining and socialization, an adult dog-experienced home, and another small dog buddy to help show me the ropes. Thank you for reading!

Hey guys, my name is Frito. I'm a little 7-year old, 6½-pound male Chihuahua. I've spent my first 7 years living in a cage at a puppy mill. BUT I'm a little more social than some other puppy mill survivors. I like to sit on my foster mom's lap or be close by on the sofa. I'm still learning about living in a home and I wear a belly band when I'm out and about in the house - usually it's dry but sometimes I have an accident. Just in case you don't know, a belly band is a band of fabric that's held on with Velcro, like a belt with a sanitary napkin lining the inside. I'm learning about going potty out in the grass but my preference is on a hard surface like concrete. My foster mom thinks that must have been what I lived on at the puppy mill. I'm getting better about where to potty by watching the other dogs here and what they do. So for that reason, I would do best in a home with another well-adjusted little dog that would like to have a furry friend to show me the ropes. I get along great with all of the other little dogs here, even the bigger 20-pound foster dog. There are cats in my foster home and I think they are nice little critters!

I have a sweet personality and enjoy being with adults. I'm shy when I first meet anyone and kids are a bit scary so I would be best in an all-adult home. One of the things that most puppy mill dogs have trouble with are hands! At the puppy mill hands were usually rough with us, not caring nice hands but hands that would just reach at us and grab us. So we are worried when hands are coming at us. My foster mom has learned that I love scratches and she makes it a very pleasurable experience when she wants to pick me up. She talks happy talk to me and I get pretty excited and happy and she gives me lots of butt scratches and I'm happy for her to pick me up! Hands in this new life are pretty wonderful!

I'm a great little eater and enjoy my kibble even though I don't have all my teeth. That doesn't slow me down one bit! My foster mom gives me treats and I don't know much about them but I'm figuring out that they can be quite tasty! I need work with my leash skills but with patience I'll get it figured out. I just need patience to help me along in my new life. A fenced yard would be nice so I can continue to learn that exploring is great fun. Do you think you would like to give a sweet little boy like me a nice home? If you do, give my friends at SBRET a holler! I'd love to come and keep you company!

I've been neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and am up to date on all heartworm and flea prevention. My adoption fee is $175.00.