My name is Frosty, and my foster mom thinks I'm adorable. I'm a 7-year old male Maltese mix, and at my last weigh-in I was 8.2 lbs. I'm told that's a tad bit more than I should be for my size, so the serving size of my food has been cut back a tad bit too. Though I've had all but two teeth removed, I still eat well. I need small-breed kibble because I just swallow my food and might choke on the bigger kibble. When my food is being prepared, I get so excited that I do a little tap dance with my front paws. Though I get along well with my fur brother and sisters, I have a bad habit of trying to steal their kibbles. My foster mom has helped me with my manners though, so I'm not as big of a thief as I least not while she's looking. :)

Sometimes I am afraid when I go to the vet or groomer, or when someone new tries to pick me up. When that happens, I make my body collapse to the floor, as if I have no legs. But once I feel safe, I'm back on my feet and ready to go. I initially did that a lot around my foster parents, but since I've been with them for a while, I don't fear them anymore.

I love to go outside and am doing better with a leash, but sometimes I try to lead the way cause I love to walk and there's so much I want to see. When taken out, I always potty; and so far, I am doing well. I will need continued reinforcement in my forever home and please be patient with me as I get the hang of things! My foster mom puts me in a crate when she's gone for a few hours. I do well there, and sleep in one at night too.

Because of my fearfulness, I need an adult home, with someone who could be with me during the day and continue to help me with my leash and potty training. An adult small dog to keep me company would be great, but small children, big dogs, and fast moving young dogs make me nervous. I'm not sure I'd do well with cats either.

I hope that you also think I'm adorable and the perfect dog for you. I'm neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on vaccines and heartworm/flea protection. My adoption fee is $175.