Hi, Haddie here checking in. I am a petite female Chihuahua, roughly 5 pounds and at least 10 years old. I was surrendered when my previous owners could no longer care for me. Thank goodness I ended up in the caring hands of SBRET! I had a horrible skin infection, covered in fleas and pretty much bald from all the scratching I was doing. My skin is all better now and my beautiful brown coat is growing in very well if I do say so myself.

If you are looking for a lap dog, I am your girl. I just want to be loved and to sneak kisses when you're not expecting. I enjoy having other dogs around and may even try to play - don't let my age fool you, I still have spunk. I do wonderfully in a crate if needed. I am still working on not being afraid of car rides and being comfortable walking on a leash. I still need continued work with housetraining and will need to go out frequently since I am so tiny. I still do some marking in the house so please be patient with me. I am a shy little girl and it may take some time for me to warm up to strangers and build confidence and trust around them.

I do have a heart murmur but it doesn't slow me down and I am not on any medications currently. I also have a pretty significant luxating patella that I have had since I was young. I have adjusted well and get around just fine other than a funny gait at times. It would benefit me greatly to keep me on a life-long glucosamine supplement and pain medications as needed.

I will do best in an adult home with someone there quite a bit to take me out frequently. Also since I am so tiny and a bit older, other dogs in the home should not be too spunky or wild! I am up to date on vaccines, spayed, microchipped, had a dental cleaning and had a benign mammary mass removed. If you are looking for a new companion to cuddle, I may be your girl! Contact SBRET. My adoption fee is $100.