Harley's Requirements:
- Active adult-only (no children) dog-savvy home with someone who enjoys exercising and training their dog
- Someone home part of the day
- No apartments—I can be vocal
- Only dog or a submissive dog

Hello Poodle lovers AND those who aren’t fans of Poodles yet - I promise, he grows on ya! Meet Harley, a 4-year-old, 15-pound Miniature Poodle boy looking for the right forever home! Harley didn’t have a great start in life, but he is learning to socialize with people and dogs. He usually does well with calm, submissive dogs of all sizes, but can cause issues with more assertive pups. He isn't interested in playing with other dogs and would be happy as an only dog. He has done well with dog-savvy cats.

He also wasn't handled much so he needed to get used to being picked up and sudden movements. He has gotten so much better about this but needs someone who understands to be slow but firm with him. He is learning that getting picked up = ear rubs and he LOVES ear rubs!

Harley is very good at reading body language, so you have to be confident to help him be confident. Foster mom got tips from a trainer and has been working with him on leash training and socialization. He has come a long way and would benefit from continued training. He is very smart and would be amazing at agility. He also is a big fan of chasing squirrels so lure coursing would be another fun activity for him. He is very excited about going on walks and will zig and zag on the greenway so he can see and smell everything! He needs extra training in this area! While that energy can be frustrating in town, it is a bonus on the hiking trail. Foster mom clips his leash to her belt and he pulls her up the hills! He loves it! He isn't a dainty poodle and doesn't mind getting muddy and covered in leaves!

Out and about in public he has done very well exploring downtown and making new friends. If he isn’t able to go with you, he stays in a crate at home, but will bark. A lot! So he would not be good for apartment living as he would make your neighbors very unhappy. Also once Harley is adjusted he would probably be just fine staying out loose when you have to run errands. He will be happiest with someone who is home a lot. He really loves his people! He will sleep all thru the night in a crate though, as long as he’s in the same room with you. And his favorite spot in his foster home is in a dog bed under foster mom’s work desk. This guy has done very well with house training, but there is always an adjustment period to a new place.

As a Poodle, Harley will need to go to the groomer every couple months. He doesn't love some parts of the process but he enjoys being brushed and will need to be brushed and combed daily at home.

Harley may have a couple quirks and is not the dog for everyone, but if you think he is the dog for you, submit your application! Harley is neutered, microchipped and up to date on all his shots and heartworm/flea prevention. Harley's adoption fee is $175. Applications can be found at sbret.com.