I know I am a bit bow-legged with goofy ears but that just adds to my charm! My name is Howie. I am a sweet, affectionate, 10-pound, 3-year old male scruffy Terrier mix. My foster mom thinks I am practically perfect - I will potty outside (if you do your part and get me outside fairly often); I love being outside in a safe fenced yard (chasing chipmunks and squirrels is a passion); I am very social with people and other dogs, plus I am darn cute.

I grew up with a lot of other dogs around, and my foster mom has two dogs, but she discovered that I don't do well at all if I am left alone with no other dogs or people around. So...I must go to a forever home that has another dog or two and, hopefully, people who will be around a lot. I do fine when my foster mom leaves because I have the other dogs as company. I love going into my crate with its cushy bed but don't like it if she shuts the door.

SBRET has seen to it that I have been neutered and gotten all the shots I need plus heartworm and flea preventatives. My adoption fee is $175. I am such a special, sweet, low key kind of guy. If you want a couch buddy to help you read your book or watch TV with you, we might be just the perfect match!