Hello! Don't you think I'm the prettiest little Chihuahua you've ever seen? My name is Jackie as in Jackie O. I'm a very elegant, petite, black and white 3-year old girl that weighs about 5 pounds. I came from backyard breeders who didn't work very hard to socialize me. But if you give me a little bit of time to get to know you, you'll see my delightful personality just blossom! That's what my foster mom did - after only a couple of days of being pretty sure she was the Lochness Monster, I now love her and make her giggle with my silliness. I get the zoomies when I'm out in our fenced dog yard and love to run and run. My fenced-in area needs to be very secure to keep me safe because if I get out, I would be a runner. I can be a door squirter so I need a home where my family is very careful I don't find myself on the wrong side of the door. I can walk on a leash, it's a pretty new skill for me and I'm getting better at it.

I get along very well with the other little dogs here and I need a dog buddy to hang with. I love to crawl under the throws on the sofa and snooze when mom is watching TV. Cats kind of scare me. I don't think they are normal and they sneak up on me and I don't like it. I don't get mad, it just scares me. So can I have a home without cats, please? Children under the age of 12 wouldn't be a good idea either. Older kids would be better because I'm tiny and breakable! Toys are something I'm just learning about and gosh they are fun!!! Squeakers are intriguing! Mom gave me a tiny tennis ball and I would like more of those, please? I'm a good eater, I just love my kibble!!! Mom gives me bully sticks to chew on to help keep my teeth clean and bright! I sure do love them ... HINT! HINT!

I'm doing great with my housetraining, I'll use a pee pad if it's cold and rainy outside and I don't mind going outside to potty too. I wouldn't be a good neighbor if you are in an apartment because I have a voice and I'm not afraid to use it! I'll hush if you tell me to but if you aren't home I'll probably forget! I have always slept quietly in my crate at night. I'm quick in my movements and quick to dart away whenever I get scared but if you are gentle and patient with me, I promise I will love you forever!

I am going in early November to have my knees checked to see if I need knee surgery for luxating patella. If I do and once I've fully recovered, I'll be available to go to my new home the end of November. I'm up to date with my vaccinations, heartworm negative and on monthly prevention. I hope my new family is reading my little story right now and can't wait to contact my friends at SBRET to let them know they want me to come live with them. Wouldn't that just be wonderful - a dream come true! My adoption fee is $175.

Call me! XOXO Jackie