Hi, my name is Jake. I am approximately 5 years old and weigh 7.5 pounds. I am probably an Italian Greyhound with a dash of Chihuahua mixed in. I have been with Small Breed Rescue since January and my foster mom just doesn't understand why I haven't been adopted and she wants to tell you why she thinks I am so great!

Hello, Foster Mom here! Jake is an amazing guy! He is happy to meet all people - men, women, and older children. He greets them with tail wags and kisses. When we are at home he likes to nap on the back of the sofa or in his crate. He also enjoys playing with toys. He will fetch but mostly plays solo, throwing the toy in the air and then giving it a good shake. Jake's favorite activity is hiking! He walks nicely on his leash and never trips me up. He does get distracted by smells sometimes and thinks he should go hunting so I make sure he has a very secure harness on. If he got loose he would run as fast as he can (and that is fast!) to catch his prey!

Jake would be happy being an only dog but he also does fine living with other small female dogs. Really laid back male dogs are okay too but he doesn't like pushy boys. In public he doesn't meet big dogs nicely but we are working on his manners. He has spent time with big dogs at my house and coexists fairly well. He is curious about my foster kitten and may be okay with cats as long as they don't run from him. I think he would see that as an invitation to play chase. Jake has done well on his house training and doesn't have accidents if he is let out on a consistent schedule. When I am not home he rests in his crate. He also sleeps quietly in his crate at night. He runs right in when I say "Let's go night night".

If you want to be the lucky person to adopt Jake, please fill out an application. He is neutered and up to date on his vaccinations,heartworm and flea prevention. His adoption fee is $175.