Julie’s Requirements:
- Active adult home or one with children over 8 years old
- Fenced yard or willing to take her on lots of potty and exercise walks
- No apartments
- Needs another young, playful dog around her size
- Crate trained, but prefers no crate and to sleep with her person in bed at night

Hello Everyone! My name is Julie, though my foster mom calls me Jules. I think that’s because I’m a jewel of a dog, though I probably shouldn’t brag like that. Instead, I’ll just tell you more about me. I am a sweet and playful, mostly white, female 15-month old Pomeranian mix. At my last weigh-in I was a little under 12 pounds. I’m doing well since having 5 pups 10 weeks ago. I love people and cuddling, but I’m full of energy too. Chewing on Nylabones, tossing around stuffies, and playing with other dogs and my people are my favorite activities. Though, since I was a puppy when I had pups, I’m still learning how to play well, so I may be too rough yet for a young child.

I’ve not had one accident since being with my foster mom, so she thinks I’m potty trained. I always potty outside in the fenced area of her yard. I’m great at leash walking, and doing much better at pottying while I am on leash.

I need an active home, and I’d prefer one with a secure fenced yard. I love zooming around my foster parents’ yard. If there is no fence, my forever family needs to take me on multiple walks each day to potty, along with a couple of longer walks for exercise. I would not do well walking with a child, because if I see a squirrel or something else that excites me, I may jerk the leash to try and run. And you may not be able to catch me. A good hold MUST be kept on my leash at all times. It’s also important that my new family include another young friendly dog, one around my size who has lots of energy and loves to play as much as I do.

I am crate-trained, but don’t like to be confined. I will tolerate it at night if the crate is near you, and if you need to leave me for a few hours during the day, but I might whine initially. At bedtime, I prefer to snuggle in bed with my humans. I do sleep all night. I am not the best on longer car rides, especially if crated. Even when not crated, I can get anxious. I do better when hooked up to a dog seat belt, and maybe in a booster seat. Time, and taking shorter car rides to fun places, may lessen the anxiety I have now with the longer rides.

I’m spayed, microchipped and have all appropriate vaccines. I'm also up to date on heartworm and flea protection. If you are looking for a fun and loving dog to make your home complete, contact SBRET and ask for Julie. My adoption fee is $175.