Hello! My name is Keebler. I am a darling male, 10 pound, Shih Tzu mix, approximately 10 years or older. I ended up at a rural shelter and Small Breed came to my rescue. It appears that I have had a hard life and I am looking to live out the rest of my life with a special person or family. Are you that special person?

My vision is somewhat impaired due to an old injury to my right eye, and my left eye was nonvisual so it was removed. My foster parents think that I can see some things; we are just unsure how much I can see. My hearing is impaired as well, but I can hear louder noises and clapping. X-rays show an old injury to my back. I walk kind of wonky with my front elbows kind of sticking out, which is likely a result of compensating for my back injury. I came into Small Breed so very, very matted that I had to be shaved but I must say that my hair has grown in very handsomely!

I am able to advocate for myself. I will bark when I have to go out to go potty. And, I bark when it gets close to feeding time because I really enjoy this part of my day! I am not put in a crate because I get super nervous. My foster Mom doesn't put me on her bed because it is high and she is afraid I might walk off the edge and fall! So...I sleep at night in a dog bed in my foster parents' living room and I am most comfortable there.

Considering everything that I have gone through, I am quite a happy guy! A perfect day for me would sitting in the living room, in my dog bed, just hanging out with the family. I sleep part of the day and when I am awake, I just listen and look around. I wag my tail when I am getting attention and I like exploring the fenced yard when we go outside. I love feeding time and I am a good eater!

I will need someone who is home during the day and can take me outside when I bark. This means that someone needs to be able to pick me up and bring me outside because I have a hard time finding my way to the outside door, over the threshold and out into the yard. But once I am out in the yard, I do enjoy wandering and sniffing around! I probably go outside about every two hours but sometimes it is more and sometimes less.

I deserve someone who will treat me with patience and give me a huge amount of love because I need to make up for many years of neglect! My foster parents recommend a home with no small children because of my diminished vision and hearing. I need someone home during the day and able to pick me up and carry me inside and out. If you want to make my life really super, wonderful and full of love then please consider submitting an application.

I am neutered, up to date on my vaccinations, have had a dental, and receive monthly heartworm prevention. My adoption fee is $100.

Love, Keebler