I am a dog rescued from a puppy mill where I received no medical care or socialization and was used for breeding purposes. Before you fall in love with my adorable face, please remember that I will have some specific needs in my forever home. I need a secure fenced yard, someone with lots of patience and time during the day to help me with my housetraining and socialization, an adult dog-experienced home. Thank you for reading!

Kit Kat's Requirements: Hello Everyone! My name is Kit Kat. I’m a 7 to 8-year-old 11-pound female Yorkie mix. I lived in a puppy mill for years where my only job was to have lots of babies. I was forced to live in a cramped space with not enough food or water and certainly no grooming. I was full of mats and fleas so all my fur had to be shaved off, but it will grow back!

I am afraid of most sounds right now and will run and hide in a dog bed when I get scared. I’m getting better and am venturing away from the hiding places to smell things and to ask for cuddles. I’m eating very well and love treats!

I am learning to love being near my person! I love to be hugged on and keep asking for rubs. I’ve been sleeping in a crate at night, but I get a little antsy so I’ve been allowed on the bed and I’ve been quiet all night! I stay in a crate just fine during the day when my foster mom has to be away from the house.

Since I lived full time in a small cage, I never had a chance to walk on grass. I am not great on a leash, and turn into a statue when we try to go on walks. My foster mom is working on this with me – she’s taking the time I need to not be afraid of this new appendage!

And speaking of not being used to grass, my housetraining is a work in progress. My foster mom takes me outside frequently as well as when I wake from a nap and shortly after I eat. She praises me like crazy when I go - I like that! When I have an accident, my foster mom gently takes me outside and reminds me that we potty outside.

I’ve been doing some exploring in my fenced backyard. It sometimes takes me a while to decide to venture away from my foster mom, but when I do, I’ve enjoyed sniffing all the great smells in the back yard. I come right back to my foster mom when it’s time to go back inside. I have tried to get out of the front door once or twice, so they are treating me like a flight risk and making sure I am in a secure place when anyone is coming in or out the door.

I had a mammary tumor which was removed surgically and it was benign - yay! I’ve been spayed and had a dental where I lost 8 teeth. I’m healing nicely and am just growing and learning to be a regular dog every day! I’ve been around other small dogs and a large dog and got along pretty well! I’ve been around children and their sudden movements and loud noises scare me so an adult home will be best. I have not been around cats.

I am up to date on my vaccines and flea and heartworm preventions and I’ve been spayed, had a dental and am microchipped too. My adoption fee is $175.