Hi... don't you just love my funny little smile and big beautiful ears? My name is Ladybird, I was named after a first lady because my foster mom thinks I am! I'm an 8-year old, female Chihuahua and I'm a petite 5 pounds. I'm a super duper friendly and happy little girl. I'm black and tan with big beautiful soulful eyes! I came from a place where I had lots of babies and they didn't protect me from fleas so I was super itchy when I first came to rescue. BUT now that horrible life is behind me and I'm looking forward to a warm and comfortable life with you! All I have to think about is my special human, toys, and FOOD! I was underweight when I first came into rescue and I'm pretty partial to FOOD!

I had double knee surgery to fix luxating patellas in early October 2017. I've been spayed, had a mammary tumor removed, a dental where I lost teeth and I had a mast cell tumor removed from under my tail. I'm all healed now BUT you'll need to make sure that I'll always have any new lumps and bumps checked out by a vet. I have to tell you that I feel pretty wonderful now!!! Oh and about losing a few more teeth (I was already missing a few before I came to rescue)...I don't have any trouble at all eating dry kibble! I'm doing great with my housetraining and I will use a pee pad if it's cold and rainy outside. Otherwise, I don't mind going outside to potty.

My new home should have another little friendly dog buddy for me to hang with and maybe I can clean their ears! I like that job and feel it's my duty to keep all critters nearby clean, EXCEPT THE CATS!!! I would rather not have to share my life with cats. Sometimes I get a bit too intense about keeping other dogs ears clean so my foster mom has to tell me to stop and I do because I'm a very good little girl. I'm interested in toys and playing with other little dogs or sleeping on the sofa. I sleep just fine in my crate at night. Because I'm a petite little girl the children in the home need to be at least 12 years old. I have a voice and I'm not afraid to use it! I wouldn't be a great dog to live next door to your apartment neighbors. But if you don't mind being reminded when it's time for my meals or sharing your lap, your love and your sofa with a sweet little Chihuahua girl please run, don't walk and let my friends at SBRET know! I've got some serious loving to do and there is no time like the present! I'm up to date with my vaccinations, I'm heartworm negative and on monthly prevention. My adoption fee is $175. I love you already! ...Ladybird