Hello! My name is Lea. I am a lovely, 7-pound female, black/tan Chihuahua mix. I am approximately 4 years old. I was rescued from a shelter by Small Breed Rescue. I am happy and very sweet! When I meet you, I will probably try to give you kisses. One of my favorite activities is sitting on the chair with my person while he/she reads or watches TV. I love to be with my person. I do need to be with other dogs because they give me comfort, especially if my person is out on errands. I enjoy cuddling or laying near other dogs whenever I feel nervous. I am not crated because I have anxiety about the crate and will scratch continuously to get out. I am ‘free-range’! I sleep with my foster parents at night. I tested positive for heartworms at the shelter, so Small Breed took me in and treated me. This involved medication as well as being as quiet as I could possibly be for several months. Now I am ready to be adopted!

My housetraining is a work in progress. I will need someone who is very patient with me as I learn this skill, and I need someone that is home during the day to bring me outside to potty. My foster Mom brings me outside every 2 hours during the day and I am starting to get the hang of it. Even walking on the grass was a huge deal to me when I first came to rescue. Then, going potty outside was the next step and I can do that now, too! I even learned to walk in and out of the house threshold with the other dogs when it is potty time. But, sometimes I still need to be carried out. I always run in by myself, though. But, I definitely still have a few accidents each day in the house. Are you someone that could help me work on this? It is obviously a new skill to me. I am so very sweet and I really just want to please you. Please be patient with me. At night, once we go to bed, I do not potty until the morning. My foster Mom said that at night I am really good in the bed and I do not have accidents (at least with her I have not!). When we get up in the morning, I am brought immediately outside. I am also working on riding in the car. This totally scared me at first. But, with each car ride, I do a bit better. I will not be a good match for a family that has younger children because I am small and delicate.

I have had a dental, I am spayed, I am up to date on all vaccinations, I am microchipped and I receive heartworm preventative and flea preventative each month. My adoption fee is $175. Love, Lea