Livie's needs: Hi there! My name is Livie. I am a 1 to 2 year old Long-haired Chihuahua mix little girl. I came to SBRET from a multi-dog house when the man we lived with passed away. I have been in my SBRET foster home since January. I’ll explain why, sorry if it’s a little long.

My first day with SBRET, I had a vet check me out and they heard something a little different with my heart so an appointment was made for me at UT but not for a couple of months later. I gave no indication that I had any health problems. Off I went to my foster parents’ home to start my path to my new life. I fell right in with their dogs. I haven’t ever engaged the other dogs in the house to play but I actually like to play with the cat! While I would like to be the alpha girl, I know my place behind the other 2 alpha girls in my foster home and know not to seriously challenge them but sometimes I will push it. The dogs in my foster house are pretty tolerant but if you have an alpha dog that doesn’t have any patience, I may not be your girl. Even though I don’t play with the dogs in the house, I do like their company because I’ve always lived with multiple dogs. My foster parents have left me home alone in my crate and I have done well so I may be ok being an only dog.

While I was waiting for my UT appointment, my foster parents took me to do everything they did with their dogs. First, they taught me to walk on a leash. Then we went hiking on trails and walking on Greenways and I was pulling like a sled dog the whole way. Man, I love walking and hiking! We were going as far as 4 miles pretty regularly. During this time, I also learned that outside is where I go to the bathroom and now I’m potty trained.

My foster mom takes me to work every day where she grooms. I still bark and lunge at every dog that comes in and sometimes nip at them, even 6 months later. I seem to especially not like the big dogs. My foster mom says that if I do that to the wrong dog one day, it could be very bad for me. She makes sure I stay safe at work but I will need someone who keeps me from making contact with dogs I don’t know.

My foster people also take me to restaurants and breweries to socialize me, but even after 6 months, I could take it or leave it. I really don’t like walking into crowded areas, but I don’t mind if a crowd builds around me if we go somewhere and it’s not busy when we arrive. My foster parents still take me and while I don’t jump in anyone’s arms, I settle rather quickly when they put me in someone’s arms and I will give them kisses.

My UT appointment came in April and they discovered I had a PDA! That’s Patent Ductus Arteriosus, a heart defect that occurs when the ductus arteriosus fails to close down at birth. You can google it in dogs to learn more. Everyone at UT and SBRET was shocked because I was so healthy and active. It had to be fixed though so that I could have a normal life span, so I was scheduled for heart surgery in June. My foster parents really rolled back my exercise levels to keep me safe until surgery. I still went on walks and hikes and to restaurants and breweries but was only allowed to walk some of the way and then put in a stroller or papoose.

I had my heart surgery in June. I did great and it was a success! All the vet techs at UT said I was the Belle of the Ball and everyone loved me and I gave them kisses! I have been kept calm and quiet for 3 weeks while my heart heals and am just now being allowed to resume normal activity. My foster parents say I’m awesome because I didn’t complain at all about having to always be on a leash or in a crate for the entire 3 weeks! I didn’t mind because it kept me close to my foster parents. I have to go back to UT for my 3 month post-op checkup at the end of September, so my new family must agree to set up this appointment and take me to it. I’m not on any medications for my heart and I am expected to have a normal life.

Since I was not well socialized as a puppy, I bark at new people and dogs. I also alert my people to anything I see out the window or door by barking. The reality is, this could also just be the Chihuahua in me, but I respond pretty well to verbal correction. I don’t bark just to bark, I am actually barking at something but still an apartment/condo would probably not be a good fit for me. If you love Chihuahuas, you’ll love me! I really love my people and am very loyal to them. I do prefer men, but if one is not around, a woman will do nicely. I love to snuggle and give kisses but I’m also good at laying by myself.

I ride in the car almost daily for the 25 minute drive each way to my foster mom’s work. I have even done a 5-hour car ride, twice, and only occasionally got a little antsy but was verbally corrected. I do very well in my crate when my foster people aren’t home, and even when I’m the only dog left at home. I also sleep quietly in my crate at night. I enjoy chewing my Nylabones and playing with stuffed dog toys. I’ll occasionally play with a tennis ball but I don’t do “Fetch.” I will guard your lap but can be corrected and redirected with your intervention. I have not really been around children but because of my size and the fact that I guard laps, I would not be good for children under 12.

Overall, I’m a really good little girl and will love my people with all my newly repaired heart and I will be the most loyal little girl. I am up to date on all my shots, spayed and microchipped. My adoption fee is $175. Who’s ready to give me my lifetime of love?!!!