Lynk's Requirements:
- Very active adult home or one with children over 8
- No apartments as I like to express myself!
- Family who can commit to regular daily long walks in addition to lots of play time—fetch is my favorite
- Willing to measure and monitor food intake to continue weight loss
- Will be ok with other dogs but no interest in being playmate

Hello there, my name is Lynk. I am a beautiful 2½-year old Pomeranian boy. I am everything a Pomeranian should be, you could call me the Poster Boy of Pomeranians. I have a beautiful coat that will require regular maintenance and you will need to budget for professional grooming, so keep that in mind. I am a very active, alert little guy, so even though I am small, I will require regular exercise. When I came to SBRET, I had been under-exercised and over-fed. I came in at 15.6 pounds and now weigh 13.3 pounds but I am supposed to weigh around 10-11 pounds, so I will need someone committed to continuing my weight loss journey so I can have a long healthy life. Regular daily walks and properly measuring my meals will be a must for the person committed to my weight loss. My foster parents take me on 3-5 mile walks and hikes when they can and I do well. I am an excellent alert and alarm dog, so I am prone to barking, but I don’t bark just for the sake of barking. I am pretty aloof about the other dogs and cat in my house. I don’t go out of my way to interact with them but we get along fine. I will let them know to keep out of my space if they get too close while I’m resting or have a toy or someone has food though. I’m not great at sharing, but I have definitely gotten better since living with other dogs and a cat. I love and demand your attention! I will paw at you to pet me and if you stop petting me, I will paw you to continue.

I love everyone I meet. Hey I even do great with housetraining. I couldn’t jump on furniture when I first got to my foster home because of my weight, but since I’ve dropped a couple pounds I jump on the sofa to hang out with my foster people. I absolutely LOVE playing fetch! I can’t stress that enough! I will need a home where someone is willing to throw the ball or toy for me regularly, like a lot, seriously! The great thing about being small is that we can play fetch in the house! I sleep well in a crate at night and I am potty trained. I walk great on a leash too. I would love to go on hiking adventures with you and I travel wonderfully in the car. I am neutered and up to date on all my shots as well as heartworm and flea preventives. I may act like a big dog but children need to remember I am a small dog and not as durable as larger dogs so I will need a home with children over the age of 8. My adoption fee is $175. Are you the active, doggie health-conscious person/family I need?