My name is Maggie. I am a 9-pound, female Chihuahua mix. My foster mom feels that I might have some Corgi mixed in me because of my rounded ears and my conformation that kind of hints Corgi was in my family past. I'm about 6 years old and I am what is lovingly known as an LBD (Little Brown Dog). My foster mom says LBDs are the best dogs in the whole wide world!

My owner passed away and luckily I found my way to SBRET! I needed serious medical attention because I had bilateral perineal hernias. I got in to see the vet right away and had my surgery on October 29th. I spent 2 weeks wearing a cone and I was restricted to a crate for rest. I also needed to have double knee surgery for luxating patellas; one knee was a grade 4 and the other was grade 3! So back I go again to have surgery and on December 3rd I had both knees repaired. Again, I've been a great little patient in my "hospital" crate all the while chewing on wonderful bully sticks my foster mom gave to me! I have been released by the orthopedic doctor as of December 17. I need just a couple more weeks of "light duty" which means leash walking, no jumping or running and then I will be as good as new for the New Year!

So now that all of that is behind me (pardon the pun), the next thing I need is a forever home. I would love a fenced yard or lots of long leash walks. I enjoy being with my human! If it's not out enjoying nature with you then I'm going to be by your side on the sofa watching your favorite TV show. I'm a fairly laid-back little girl but I do like to play with toys and other little dogs my size. A dog buddy isn't a must in my new home but if there is one, it would be nice especially if they are playful.

I'm an enthusiastic eater and foster mom puts my kibble in a "go slow" bowl to keep me from gobbling instead savoring my food! When she feeds me, she stays nearby because when I'm done I will try to nudge the other little doggies away from their food and eat it all myself. Because of my greedy food habits, I wouldn't be a good choice if you have young children that wouldn't understand that what is mine is mine and what is theirs is mine too! I'm the same way with bully sticks and the please no kids under the age of 12. I am not shy about helping myself when I know there might be a bite or two left on someone's plate or needing to know what is in that cup you left on the table!! I'm doing well with my house-training and foster mom takes me outside to potty every couple of hours. I tend to potty on hard surfaces like concrete. At night I've been sleeping in a crate and I'm very quiet! I'm really a good girl!

I've had a dental and only lost a couple of teeth, I am spayed and I'm up-to-date with all of my vaccinations. I'm heartworm-negative and on monthly prevention. My adoption fee is $175. So now onto the next step into my new that with you?

Love and kisses forever, Maggie!