Please let me introduce myself, I’m Marlo. I’m about 6 or 7 years old, a female Chihuahua and I weigh about 8 pounds. I’m a beautiful warm tan with black on my muzzle. My foster mom loves my compact little body and she thinks my proportions are perfect. I came to my foster home very scared but I am also extremely sweet and really want to be on your lap. I can get very scared if you stand over me and reach down to pick me up but my foster mom started very slow with me, giving me plenty of time to find my way with her. It took me about 2 weeks to learn that she is on my side and I don’t need to be afraid. Now she can pick me up but I still roll over on my back. I’m going to need an owner that is very patient, understands little fearful dogs and wants to work with me. Since being in my foster home, I’ve had a few small seizures that have lasted about a minute or less. The vet said it was a “Petit Mal”. My foster mom feels that they are triggered by stress. Because my seizures are so infrequent and not serious enough, the vet does not recommend any medication. But medication could someday be in my future if the frequency, duration or intensity of my seizures changes.

So now for the best parts of me, other than being so sweet and wanting attention. I love other little dogs! I really want them to play with me and if I had a little playmate that would be pretty awesome! I love my crate and sleep in there as quiet as a mouse at night. I’m funny and get pretty excited while I’m waiting for my dinner; I can jump straight up to a height that seems impossible for my short stature while waiting for my food! I go potty outside and I walk on a leash like an expert and enjoy walks in the park! I don’t get carsick but I pant during the ride as soon as the car starts. I’m doing pretty good with my house training as long as you get me outside on a regular schedule. I’m a very good eater and enjoy my kibble very much.

I don’t care much for cats and like to chase them if they run. I am too fearful to live with little kids but if there are kids over 12 in the home that are gentle and understanding that would be ok. I don’t want much do I? Really my list is small; I just need a safe home, maybe a little playmate for me and understanding and patience from you and once I get to know you, I promise I will love you forever!

I’m up to date with my vaccinations, spayed, microchipped and waiting to start my new life. My adoption fee is $175.

Love Marlo.