Marty's Requirements:
- Needs to be an only dog
- Someone home during the day
- Adult home or one with children 8 or over

This is Marty, a 4-year-old, 16-pound male Jack Russell mix. He's neutered, healthy and up-to-date on all preventatives.

This is a happy, sweet boy, who loves to kiss and snuggle -- and adores bellyrubs! Be prepared to rub that belly at a moment's notice, or he'll turn those doggy eyes on you until you can't resist.

He came from an extremely loving home, and it shows. But unfortunately Marty was not getting along with the other dog in his home.

So in his forever home he will need to be an "only dog", as he doesn't like other dogs who want to share his human's attention. An adult home or one with a child 8 or older will work for Marty as he did great with the child in his previous home. He would be happiest if someone was home with him most of the day as he does have some separation anxiety when left alone. His foster mom has been helping him with this and now he will settle in a crate when she has to leave but he may have some transition time and will need an owner willing to give him some time as he adjusts. He's a bit shy when meeting new people, but warms up.

Marty has a sweet temperament, isn't a barker, and goes to the back door to go outside to potty. He's funny, obedient, and wants to please. He's learned so much in a month in his foster home:

- to sit while the leash is being put on and taken off
- to stand back while his food dish is placed on the floor
- to walk on a leash without pulling

One of the things we have worked on is being crated, which he never experienced in his first home. But he settles down nicely now when his foster mom leaves the house for a few hours. He does need work on riding in the car because he gets stressed.

Marty is NOT destructive, doesn't chew on things, doesn't potty in the house, rarely makes a sound, and is an all-around great little guy. He's happy to cuddle on the couch as long as you'll sit there.

If you're looking for a great little companion, Marty is your boy! Marty’s adoption fee is $175.