Hello, my name is Meadow. I'm a three-year old female, 8-pound Terrier mix. My fur is black with a touch of silver. Maybe I've got a bit of Yorkie in me because I'm awfully dang cute! I came into rescue covered in fleas, my hair had fallen off my back end, and I had a yeast infection on my skin. Ever since I've been getting medicated baths, my skin is looking much better and there might be a bit of hair regrowth. Time will tell how well my hair comes in.

I'm a shy girl at first and my foster mom feels that I had been abused. My go-to place is under the sofa when I get scared, but I do come out after a bit and get on the sofa and hang with my foster mom and the rest of the crew. I'm getting more trusting every day because now I know I'm safe.

I've had one pee accident in the house, but I haven't had any lately because my foster mom makes sure I get out to potty every couple of hours. I get along with the rest of the little dogs in the house and the cats are fine with me. They are cool cats that lay on the sofa with the rest of us, and it doesn't bother me at all. I do better with the cats than the resident dogs here!!! I was a bit stubborn with getting my nails trimmed when the vet did it for me. She put a soft muzzle on me so I had to go along with the program! After a bit, I relaxed when I realized that my nails were going to be trimmed no matter what I thought about it! At night I sleep in my crate and I might protest a little bit but I settle down after a few minutes. An adult home would be best for me since I am a bit shy.

Toys are wonderful!! I tend to want to pull the stuffing out of them but the non-stuffing toys are fun too! I love shaking the life out of the toys. I also love playing with the little tennis balls that I found here. So my new home MUST have toys!!!

I'm up to date with my vaccinations and I've been spayed. I have a microchip and I'm on heartworm prevention. If you have time to teach a little girl about the finer things in life, please contact my new friends at SBRET. My adoption fee is $175.

Love, Meadow