Merlin's Requirements:
- Active adult home with fenced yard
- Playful dog buddy
- No apartments

Young, single male seeks an active partner for a life-long relationship! My name is Merlin and I am about 1 year old and am a Terrier/Chihuahua mix male pup. I do have a pound or so to lose to be my ideal weight of 13 pounds, but that will be easy with as much as I love to run and play! Take me hiking or out for a 5k and I am in my element. Want to play fetch inside or out in a fenced yard? YES! I do have a little heart murmur, but that doesn't slow me down (it doesn't currently require medication, but will need to be monitored by your veterinarian). I had an echocardiogram at UT Veterinary Center and it is a simple murmur with no structural defects. Yay!!!

I am not always great at meeting new people and pups, so I am not the best downtown/social companion. But I would love if you had a playmate pup for me in your home as, once I get to know a pup, I will playplayplayplay!! Almost to the point of annoyance if the other pup isn't my play level.

Super smart is what my foster mom calls me. No accidents in the house and I figured out the dog door within a few hours of getting to my foster home. I kennel on command and stay there quietly while foster mom is gone during the day. I sleep there too, but would MUCH RATHER snuggle with you under the covers. I will vacuum-seal myself to your side all night long. My vocabulary includes sit, down (lay down) and shake will get you a paw. I do get SOOO excited about attention and people that I jump up on people. Foster mom is teaching me off, but that is really hard because I am so excited. I do get a bit mouthy when I get excited or nervous, so I wouldn't be great with kids as they just rile me up more.

House-defender is my middle name and I take that job very seriously, barking at anything that moves outside, so I wouldn't be welcome in apartments. Cats are not a good housemate for me as they are a great thing to chase and bark at. My ideal home is a house with a fun pup playmate and a human adult or two to play fetch and take me for long walks, runs or hikes. A fenced yard would be great unless you are prepared for me to bounce off the walls inside.

I have been neutered, microchipped and up to date on my vaccinations and flea and heartworm preventative. Adoption fee is $175 to get you a totally awesome, smart dog who will give you never-ending loyalty and cuddles.