Hello! Mia here. I realize that everyone is looking for a bit of brown Chihuahua love in their life. Well look no further! I am one year old and 5.6 pounds of female Chihuahua sweetness. I am very timid but I will come around with patience and time. Foster mom thinks this is because I was not well socialized as I was growing up. I want your attention but I am afraid to come to you. Once I do though I am the best snuggle buddy around. I get along well with the other dogs here but I really do not interact with them. My crate is my safe spot and I run there when I am scared or anxious. I will use a pee pad but I don't really know what going outside to potty is all about. Foster mom thinks I was never outside until I came to live with her. I will charge outside with the other dogs when they go out, but then I turn and charge back into the house. Foster mom told me that with time and patience she thinks I can learn to potty outside because I am a smart girl. I am going to need an adult household or one with children over 12 years old. I will also require a secure fenced yard and I am not a dog for a first time dog owner. I promise I am a sweet girl but I’m just going to need continued reinforcement with my socialization to help me understand the world is not quite as scary as I think it is.

I am spayed, microchipped and up to date on all of my vaccines. Better hurry, not to brag, but I am sure no one is going to be able to resist my chocolate brown eyes!! And don't forget my $175 adoption fee.