Mona needs:
- Quiet adult home or one with children over 10 years old
- Someone home part of the day
- Can be only dog or another quiet senior dog

Hello! My name is Mona. I am a 13-year-old female Pomeranian mix, and at my last weigh-in I was 10.1 pounds. My foster mom describes me as a low-key girl, who never complains or asks for much, though I am hoping for a forever family of my own who will care for, spend time with, and love an older girl like me. I would give them all my love in return.

My original family surrendered me to the rescue because of upcoming changes in their life. They decided it’d be too difficult to keep me. I was confused by this, because they were all the family I’d known, but I’ve adjusted well to my foster mom and dad. I’m not doing too bad for a senior girl. I get around very well on my own. I do have a heart murmur, but an X-ray showed I had no significant heart enlargement from this so meds were not needed. I am losing a small amount of protein in my urine though, so I am taking medication to help with that. The vet also prescribed a tablet to take as needed for a cough I sometimes have at night.

I was trained to not get on the furniture, so I still feel uneasy sitting on it in my foster parents’ home, even though they allow it. I did sit with and let my foster mom hold me when it was just the two of us out last week. I enjoyed that. Maybe I’d sit with her at home if the other dogs weren’t nearby. For now though, I lie by myself on a dog bed or soft rug. My foster parents think I am potty trained, though that can change in a new home. They take all of us dogs out every 2-3 hours, but I also make circles or whine near my person or at the door if I need to go out aside from that. And because I have manners, I wait to go in or out the door each time till I am invited by name.

Though I enjoy exploring, because of my age and the heart murmur, shorter easy-going walks are the best for me. Since I do well at pottying on a leash, a fence would be great, but is not required. I’d also be an excellent travel buddy. I do well in a car, whether clipped in with a dog seat belt or riding in a carry-on crate. I sleep well in a wire crate all night too, and would be OK in it for a few hours during the day. Because I’ve had no accidents though, my foster parents usually just gate me in their living room with their dogs when they need to leave for awhile.

I’m hoping for a quiet, adult-only home or one with children 10+ years old. It’d be wonderful if my forever person was retired or home at least part of the day to keep me company. I’d be OK with another dog if they were quiet and stayed to themselves like me. At this point, I don’t cuddle next to, or play with, other dogs. I’ve not shown much interest in dog toys either. My foster parents have never heard me bark, so think I’d be a good fit too for those living in apartments and condos.

I have been spayed, microchipped, have a dental scheduled for this next week, and I’m current on vaccines, as well as heartworm/flea prevention. If you‘d like a sweet little girl to share your life with, contact my friends at and ask for Mona. My adoption fee is $100.