UPDATE: If you’ve been following Mosby, I want to let everyone know that Mosby has been playing with the extremely dog friendly resident cat in his foster home. The cat grew up with a Chihuahua and a bigger dog so she is used to playing with dogs. What was originally thought as possible chasing and being bossy with the cat was Mosbys insistence of the cat play with him. Eventually they did come to common ground where the cat was more than happy to play with Mosby. Mosby’s been learning the boundaries during their playtime and sometimes gets his “feelings” hurt. If your cat isn’t used to this sort of insistent “play with me now” behavior, then Mosby wouldn’t be the right dog for your home.

This is Mosby, I call him Mows. Yes he is handsome and tiny, weighing just 4 pounds. He is a beautiful little dog, golden tan and white and he’s about five years old and a male Chihuahua. He came to me extremely scared, timid and wouldn’t allow me to touch him. He gets very nervous around strangers and especially men. Mosby will need a home that is Chihuahua experienced and especially experienced with dogs that are very nervous and scared and will require patience and time to become comfortable. Because of his overwhelming fear of men, Mosby would prefer an all female adult home.

We can only imagine what this little guy went through before he came to rescue and based on his behavior we believe that it wasn’t a good experience at all. For the first 36 hours, in his foster home he was given a quiet place where he could decompress. He wouldn’t let his foster mom touch him and he wouldn’t eat that first night. It took 4 days before he would reluctantly let her reach to touch him. He has to have a home that will give him slow, gentle and positive encouragement and reinforcement.

It’s been nearly 4 weeks since Mosby came to my home and he has improved with me but is still not comfortable with meeting new people and he may never be. He has met the adult family members of mine but he was too terrified to even look at them. When they moved around the room he was very scared and barked at them.

Over time he learned the routine in my home. He has been allowed to sleep in my bed at night to help him become more comfortable being close to me. He also will sleep in a crate at night. He walks on a leash but really must have a very secure fenced yard because if he got loose, he would run and get lost very quickly. He is a bit of a resource guarder when he is sitting in my lap when my other dogs come near. He does correct if you tell him “no” and deny him that lap he is guarding by putting him on the floor. He can be a bit bossy with the other little dogs and the giant dog in his foster home by chasing them and barking at them. Again, he does correct if he is told “no” when he misbehaves. Surprisingly, Mosby has done very well with his house training, but that does not guarantee that he will not have accidents in his new home.

Mosby is going to be a project dog to gain his trust in his new home. He may never get over his fear of strangers and his family will need to expose him very gently to new situations. He has become comfortable after 4 weeks here but he still will skitter away if I move too quickly towards him. If you are one that has lots of visitors to your home, Mosby wouldn’t a good candidate for your home.

He’s had a dental been microchipped, and neutered. He is up to date on all his vaccines and is on heartworm/flea prevention. Mosby’s adoption fee is $175.

To recap here is the kind of home Mosby needs.
- A female adult home
- Chihuahua experience
- Playful, super dog friendly cats
- Patience and gentle guidance with positive reinforcement
- A secure fenced yard
- A quiet home
- Time, lots of time to learn that the world isn’t a dangerous place and neither are people so he can relax and be a happy little dog he is meant to be.