Welcome Myrtle! Myrtle is about 17 pounds, a female senior over 10 years old and possibly a Beagle mix. She was a stray and came into Small Breed Rescue via an animal shelter. The shelter knew that Myrtle had some large bladder stones that needed attention so they reached out to us. What they didn't know was that she also had a serious bacterial infection and was in for a long road to recovery. Since coming into rescue, she has gone through round after round of antibiotics, was in isolation for 2 weeks, and was uncomfortable and unhappy. Once she kicked the infection, she was ready for bladder surgery and a liver biopsy. The surgery went well - the vet removed three golf ball sized bladder stones. And her biopsy came back a-ok!

Now that she feels better, Myrtle has been teaching her foster family what she likes and doesn't like. She does like super fancy yummy food and gets to eat a lot of it. She was very underweight when she came in so we are happy to give her as much as she wants. She also loves to be outside so a secure fence is a must. Myrtle excels at napping and is happiest snuggled in her bed. She is okay with men, women, cats, and other dogs. What Myrtle doesn't like is being left alone in a crate or enclosure. She needs to be allowed to be free in the house and will use potty pads if she can't get outside. She will do best with someone who is home most of the time to enjoy the day with her. She is a very soulful little dog who still has lots of life to share and would love if that could be with you! Myrtle is spayed, microchipped, and up-to-date on vaccines, heartworm, and flea prevention. Myrtle’s adoption fee is $100.