Myrtle's Requirements:
- Adult home or one with children over 12
- Someone home during the day
- May do best as an only dog
- Fenced yard as it takes her a long time to go potty on a leash
- No apartments as can be vocal when left alone

Hello! My name is Myrtle. I'm a 9-year-old, female Chihuahua mix, maybe part Corgi. At my last weigh-in I was 12 pounds. My foster mom says I’m very sweet and she loves the way I close my eyes and smile when she rubs my neck and back. I do love massages.

When SBRET rescued me, they were told that a couple found me on the side of a highway and brought me into the shelter. My foster parents took me from there. I didn’t feel good initially and was found to have a low grade mast cell tumor that may have caused my stomach issues. I had a lot of nausea and struggled to eat. Once the vet cleanly removed the tumor, I slowly began to feel better. Now, over two weeks later, I feel good. I’m eating the vet-recommended cup of low fat kibble each day so that my tummy stays settled and I don’t lose more weight. I can be a grazer though, so it sometimes takes 3-4 meals to get it all in, and I need my person nearby when I eat or I’ll quit to go find them.

I do well walking on a leash, but since I just had sutures removed, I’ve not done any longer walks. I’m doing great with my potty training, but I’m not perfect. I need to go out every 2-3 hours and after I eat, but I will go on a pee pad if necessary. I require a fenced yard as I take along time to potty when on a leash. I feel a lot of anxiety when confined, so a crate, X-pen, or being closed up in a room will not work for me. I need to sleep in bed with my forever person, and be left relatively free when you go for a few hours. Right now I have a vet-prescribed anti-anxiety medication my foster mom gives me if she has to be away for a bit. It helps me not fret so much. I do well traveling when not crated. My foster parents attach a doggy seat belt to my harness to keep me safe. A car seat would probably work well too.

Because of my anxieties, I need someone home during the day, and any children must be 12 years or older. I would do best as an only dog. I am not one who plays or cuddles with other dogs and have shown no interest in toys either. I have had a dental, spay, microchip, and am current on vaccines as well as heartworm/flea prevention. If you are looking for a sweet, loving girl who will never tire of cuddling, contact my people at and ask for Myrtle. My adoption fee is $100.