Nehi is the perfect name for me because I’m as sweet as a soda pop and about knee-high. I’m a handsome chocolate-with-white-trim Chihuahua-mix guy. I am about 7 years old and weigh 15 pounds and every ounce is loaded with sweetness. My foster mom says I’m about the sweetest guy she’s ever known, and I believe her because she hugs me, rubs my tummy, takes me on walks, brags on my potty-habits, leaves me out in her house day and night…so you can see that she loves me a LOT!

My foster mom doesn’t know much about my past 7 years, and we are moving on since it couldn’t have been that nice. The vet can see that I was shot with pellets at some point and needed an FHO hip surgery. I’ve been recuperating very well and am using my leg more and more each day. I will need a home where I will be taken on walks to continue my healing process and use my leg more each day. But at least I will no longer be in pain thanks to my SBRET angels! I am in excellent health otherwise. I have been learning to walk on a leash and am as perfect as can be now. I do a great job pottying on my walks. My foster mom says I’m one of her best foster dogs on house training. If I go outside on regular walks, you won’t see any mistakes inside!

I guess you’re wondering what kind of a guy I am. Well, my foster mom just raves about my personality to all the people we meet on our walks. I’ve shown what a friendly guy I am to people, kids, and other dogs. In the house, I’m really good with cats too. Since I had to wear a cone for 2 weeks after my hip surgery, I couldn’t fit in a crate with that cone, so my mom discovered that I was a perfect gentleman whenever she was gone and at night. I just made myself at home in a comfy doggie bed or on the couch. I was as good as gold so now she leaves me out all the time (and she never does that with the other dogs so I must be pretty special)!

I’m pretty chill with life in a home…apartments might not work since I have a deep bark, but if someone was home most of the day and continued my “Hush” training, I’d probably be okay. I’m a quick learner and want to please. A home with If there are children in my forever home, it would be best if they are at least 8 years old.

If you would love to have a couch buddy who just loves to cuddle and get belly rubs, or if you love deeply adoring looks, or if you can’t resist my charming personality or sweet chocolate coat, then do not hesitate to contact Small Breed Rescue to check me out. I’m neutered, fully vetted, current on vaccines, heartworm and flea prevention, and ready to be your bud furever. My adoption fee is $175.